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The Vine At A Glance


The Vine is a symbol of growth as well as a reference to the one “true vine,” Jesus. The Vine uses a Christian Montessori philosophy of teaching. As an outreach of SonLight Community Church, the staff of The Vine strives to demonstrate the love of God to each child in our care. We work toward creating an atmosphere of discipline that will enable the child to respect the authority of God and others, respect the rights of others, learn self-control, and be cooperative in a group setting.

Our child centered Christian model, combined with a Montessori approach, supports the child, as one naturally eager for knowledge, and capable to initiating learning in a supportive, culture filled environment. With highly trained loving faculty, children develop spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively.


The Vine seeks to provide a safe, nurturing environment in which learning, exploration, and fun are encouraged. Each child is respected as an individual, with feelings and thoughts of his or her own.


The Vine firmly stands on faith being the foundation of all we do.  We have chosen these principles to guide all we do.

We use developmentally appropriate materials and experiences to:
•    Inspire a love, respect, and excitement for God and His Word
•    Build connections in everyday life to Biblical truth.
•    Magnify their sense of wonder about their world through exposure to nature.
•    Grow a love for learning through play.

Christians for centuries have been at the forefront of serving others, through creating hospitals and universities, serving in communities in turmoil, and most of all seeking to serve children and families.

The Vine is just one extension of historical Christianity that seeks to serve others like Jesus Christ first served us. 

With your most precious little ones, we desire to inspire all children in our care to consider what God offers in the Good News of Jesus Christ, while always being considerate to people from all backgrounds.


  • To treat children individually, caring for them in a kind, compassionate manner. 

  • To teach children Christian values. 

  • To teach children to be respectful and kind. 

  • To partner with parents. 

  • To educate children to our fullest capacity. 


Growing God’s kingdom through education and discovery. 


Transforming childhood to discover God given abilities through faith, arts, and nature.